VME-VPX2Phoenix International's Rugged VME and VPX storage modules deliver high capacity, high performance data storage for military, aerospace and industrial applications requiring rugged, secure and durable mass data storage. These single and two slot modules house one or two each storage devices including Solid Sate and Hard Disk Drives, various optical devices and removable, hot swap drives. Device and host support include SCSI, SAS and SATA interfaces.

Major features of the Phoenix Rugged VME and VPX Products include:

  • SATA, SAS and SCSI Devices
  • Transparent to Multiple Operating Systems
  • Conduction and Convection Cooling
  • Up to Operational Altitude to 80,000 ft
  • Operational Temp from -40º C to +85º C
  • Meets DOD, Military and IRIG Declassification Standards
  • Optional AES 256 Encryption

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